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Salmon trolling Lithuania

Baltic Sea and salmon trolling

What do we offer

Salmon trolling in Lithuania for professionals and fishing enthusiasts, that want to add Baltic salmon to the list of trophies. The Curonian Spit and Klaipeda Channel are the most suitable sites for amateur fishing.  Zvejybajuroje.com introducing Salmon trolling. Best fishing period is cold weather. During warm weather the fishing does not stop biting, we just need to go further and reach colder waters far from the coast. Here, it is usual to fish for a bream (Abramis brama); perch (Perca fluviatilis); pike-perch (Lucioperka lucioperca); zander and others. During spring time, in Klaipeda Channel one can fish for Baltic herring (Clupea harengus membras).
At the Baltic Sea amateur fishermen catch flatfish (Pleuronectes platessa baltica), Baltic herring (Clupea harengus membras), cod (Gadus morhua callarias), and halibut (Scophthalmus maximus) and Salmon trolling Lithuania.

The location

Baltic Sea and Curonian Spit from Klaipeda.
In the Curonian Spit, at the less than 500 m distance from the shore, fishing with all fishing tools is allowed only when having  permissions and licenses (except fishing with float rods from the shore) issued by the Ministry of Environment. During dark time of day it is allowed to go fishing only from the shore and from ice. It is prohibited to go fishing in the Baltic Sea and borderline water pools withoutreporting to the borderline police. Fishing restrictions on total catch vary per fish type, our captain can explain. we offer off-shore fishing trips in Baltic Sea from Klaipeda.
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About the boat “Hunter”

Spacious aft deck ensures comfortable fishing and catch handling. Search for salmon during trolling is carried in huge territories of the Baltic Sea, both in territory of Lithuania and economical waters. The experienced captain will shear the fishing techniques and salmon search methods.

For salmon trolling in Lithuania we recommend optimal crew of 6 boat Hunter, price includes standard gear, Master Class equipment is for extra charge, skills required, however we provide training during fishing.

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