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About us

We are enthusiasts of Fishing and Boat Trips and we kindly invite You to join us for a day trip of fishing or boating adventure in the Baltic Sea near Klaipeda, king Wilhelm canal trip or river fishing.

Experience the fun, relaxation, and sporting spirit of fishing in a new place, whether you’re catching wild salmon in Baltic Sea or hunting for Halibut. Whether you’re looking for some quality me-time or bringing along your friends and family. Our crew is here to help you plan it all. So dust off that old khaki fishing vest, or we borrow you one,  and get ready to cast away in our waters,  great fishing vacations in Lithuania. Make your own selection of desired fishing or boating trip along Lithuanian sandy beaches .

The boat Hunter:

A frugal diesel engine, a cabin that sleeps four, WC and a big cockpit for fishing and fun in the sun. The 28 foot boat, named HUNTER, is all you need for demanding and safe fishing or leisure trips form Klaipeda.

Sometimes less is more. Take a boat without all the trimmings, options and accoutrements, a base boat or carte blanche craft that stirs the imagination. This is the flagship of the popular Europe fishing-boat family, unbeaten till today in stability at the sea and durability over the years.

Our gear:

Decent Garmin chart plotter, Panoptix, Down View, Live View,  full set of Mastervolt equipment, all is built for You to range along sandy  coast of Lithuania safe in the knowledge you are capable to see underwater everything you wish and look “into the eyes of fish and count the fins” using 800 MHz transducer. Single 320hp QSD4 Cummins MerCruiser diesel  with common rail fuel injection will not drink your tank dry during long fishing day far from coast.

While our harbor neighbours are sailing close to coastal area, we offer open water craft Cat.B with option to be safe anywhere in the open sea.

Where do we go today?

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