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#380838 Shimano jūrinis spiningas EJ B63-4 | Žvejyba jūroje

#380838 Shimano jūrinis spiningas EJ B63-4

399.00  be PVM

Jūrinins spiningas Shimano B63-4

Elektrinei ritei

Ilgis (m) – 1.91

Dalys – 2

Transportiniai matmenys (cm) – 130

Svoris (g) – 169

Viršūnės diametras (mm) – 2.6

Optimalus Jig svoris (g) – 300

Rekomenduotinas valas – max #PE4 (0.285mm)

Anglies sudėtis – 96.7%

Max drag (kg) -6




Liko 1 (galime užsakyti)

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Nesvarbu kur, elektrinės ritės standartinins modelis.

Standartinins jūrinio  spiningo modelis  electrinei ritei ( jigging), labiausiai paplitęs. Jūrinio spiningo jėga ideali naudojant su PE4~4 valu. ~12kg +  blues and ~30kg +  tuna. Truputį ilgesnis, 1.91 m,  įprastinio plonėjimo blanka užtikrina ne tik jėgą, bet ir Jig pakirtimų įvairovę. Jurinis spiningas prisitaiko prie bet kokio jig greičio. Standartinins gylis  ~120m+ vertikaliai  and ~100m+ žuvingiausios vietos “doTERRA”

Make electric jigging more accessible and fun!

Elektinės ritės jurinis spiningas attracts attention as a third type of jigging. A dedicated rod, game type EJ, to make the real pleasure more accessible and enjoyed by more anglers. The powerful and high-speed invitation unique to electric jigging is effective in capturing migratory fish such as greenfish and tuna. On the other hand, he also has the ability to handle slow to mid-speed jerks, and is active in various scenes. It features blank performance that emphasizes a balance between “stickiness” that reduces the burden on anglers due to the powerful winding power of the electric reel, and “repulsive force” that accurately bounces the jig. Equipped with a spiral X core, it has high strength in all directions such as bending, screwing, and crushing. There are also many innovations unique to models dedicated to electric jigging, such as a long front grip to support the rod with both hands, a spiral guide specification that thoroughly pursues zero troubles due to yarn galling, and a special rod belt that prevents cable flapping. The combination of a compact original reel seat and a semi-trigger EVA that emphasizes ease of grip and freedom when a voluminous electric reel is set supports more precise electric jigging.

Pilnai tinka nuo lėto iki staigaus pakirtimo. Aukštos kokybės blanka skirta atlikyti elektrinės ritės jėgą.

The game type EJ blanks are specially designed specifically for electric jigging. The basic structure is equipped with Shimano’s proud Spiral X core, and the reinforced structure is equipped with high-power X. In addition to operability at high speeds, it is specially designed to handle sharpening electric jigging scenes with ease of operation from slow to middle speed. It accepts the powerful winding power of the Beastmaster EJ series and has the tenacity to reduce the burden on the angler’s body. It supports a wide range of styles of electric jigging games, from near-sea average games to big games on expeditions.



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