Nanni Diesel N4.85 engine, 85hp

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Technical specifications

Engine base Kubota

TM 345 A included
Rated power (kW/hp)* 62.5 / 85
Rated rpm (rpm)* 2800
Displacement (cm3/in3) 3053 / 186.31
Number of cylinders 4 in line
Bore and stroke (mm/in) 94 x 110 / 3.7 x 4.33
Compression ratio 20:1
Combustion system Direct (E-CDIS)
Intake Turbo
Cooling Closed cooling with heat exchanger
El. equipment / Alternator 12V / 100A
Instrument panel C4
Transmission Mechanical or hydraulic gearbox
Engine Max Install. Angle 7° (static)
Certifications EPA, EU-RCD
Dry weight with TM345A (kg/lb) 350 / 772
Connections diameter
Exhaust (mm/in) 90 / 3.54
Fuel (mm/in) 8 / 0.31
Sea Water (mm/in) 32 / 1.26

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Papildoma informacija
Designed for sailing yachts as well as sport
fi shing boats, the N4.85 is a 4 cylinder diesel engine with direct fuel injection. It benefi ts
from the experience of the Nanni engineering
team in terms of marinization and from the latest technological developments by Kubota for
their industrial engine bases.

E-CDIS injection system
The E-CDIS direct injection system equipping
the N4.85 is characterized by an injector positioning in the centre of the 4 valves per cylinder. This technology results in considerable
reduction of particulate emission. Its low rated
rpm of 2800 rpm associated with the direct injection offers you ease of use and important
fuel effi ciency.
Compact and comfortable
The reduced dimensions of the N4.85 engine
allows it to be installed in the smallest engine

TM 345A marine transmission is built
with aluminium alloy housing and
equipped with multiple-disc clutches
hydraulically operated.
Clutches and gears are properly
constructed to transmit the full
power, with the same ratio, both in
forward and reverse running.
An 8° down angle on output shaft
provides a proper engine-marine
gearbox group installation on planing
or semi-displacement type hulls.

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