U-CLEAT Švartavimo kompensatorius 12-16mm, #150620U

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The spring is made of EPDM rubber and the locking mechanism is made of fiberglass-reinforced polyamide.

Size 2:

Ilgis: 412 mm

Virvės matmenys 12-16 mm

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Made in Sweden

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The U-Cleat Mooring Compensator / U-CLEAT Švartavimo kompensatorius – features a unique removable locking mechanism that allows for fitting without a free end of the line. This gives you plenty of options over a conventional compensator.

The U-Cleat can easily be repositioned after fitting, transferred to another line, or fitted to a line with eye splices or thimbles on both ends. When it’s time to wash your lines, the U-Cleat is easy to remove and refit.

This lashing rope spring has a unique detachable rope locking mechanism. As a result, the rope is easier to thread into place, after which the locking mechanism is installed in place.

Line dimensions Length
10 – 12 mm 329 mm
12 – 16 mm 412 mm
16 – 20 mm 516 mm

The innovative U-Cleat lock between line and compensator is designed to give optimal locking effect and prevent line slipping, without affecting the strength or durability of the line.

The U-Cleat Mooring Compensator is design protected and made in Sweden of a high quality EPDM rubber with glass fiber reinforced polyamide inserts moulded together with the rubber. The cleats are produced in glass fiber reinforced polypropylene.


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